Luke Rehmann's Projects


My GitHub Repository - Hosts my non-web based projects that you can often find on my blog as well.

Genius Bar Repair Tracker - Tracks genius bar repairs and texts repair status as product is diagnosed, repaired, and returned.
OpenSSL Heartbeat Check - Checks for the heartbeat feature of OpenSSL on your server, and tests if it is vulnerabile to HeartBleed.
OpenSSL Handshake Check - Checks for the handshake vulnerability in OpenSSL
NotNotFound - Chrome extension for recovering from server errors through publicly available caches.
NeverAway - Chrome extension for keeping your online sessions alive so you don't have to log back in after 10 minutes of inactivity.
NoBing - Chrome extension for keeping your relatives from using bing, automatically redirecting to Google Search Results.
NightMode - Chrome extension for darkening the google search pages (for ease of access at night).