Didi Explained: ExpressPool vs Express vs Select [Luxe, Express, Premier, Taxi]

Didi is the Uber/Lyft of China. You can use it to grab a quick cab ride with only your smartphone. Didi is my preferred method of transit in China because I am able to quickly and easily tell the driver where I’m going (by punching it into the app) and I know in advance how much the ride will cost– no dreaded cab meter running while you’re stuck in traffic behind an accident.

When it comes to Didi, there are several ‘categories’ of drivers you can select for your ride. These include:

  • Luxe
  • Express
  • Premier
  • Taxi

Didi Luxe is a premium service which lets you schedule your ride by selecting which luxury car you would like a ride in. At the time of writing, this includes an Audi A6L, Mercedes-Benz E-Class vehicles, and a BMW 5 Series. Since the amount of Didi drivers sporting these cars is limited, this service is best for scheduled-only rides meaning you’ll have to know in advance when you want to get a ride in one of these.

Didi Express includes several sub types:

  • ExpressPro – Akin to ‘Uber Pool’ your Didi route may be shared with other riders heading in the same direction as you are
  • Express – You’ll get the closest available Didi, which may include a driver new to the service with less experience.
  • Select – You’ll be riding with a well-rated Didi driver with experience of giving many rides in the city.

I’ve personally tried out both the Expres and Select service and noticed a worthwhile difference in the driver’s experience and smoothness of the ride. It was worth the extra $2 USD for me.

Didi Premier includes the premium and professional drivers on Didi. Premier drivers are a step up from Select drivers in that they have 5-star ratings and are known to be professional drivers in higher-end vehicles. Didi Premier has 3 options, all of which are “100% driver certified and 100% professional service”.

  • Comfort – enjoy a worry-free ride with a professional Didi driver
  • 6-seater business car – ride-with-friends in this SUV sized vehicle and a professional driver
  • Luxery – get nicest vehicle and a professional driver

Didi Taxi provides a way to call a taxi with metered fare. No different than calling or waving down a taxi, but you do it with an app.

If you need some more tips and tricks on China apps and traveling, check out Shanghai Advice

VILink Submarine Cable System

The VILink Submarine Cable System is a system of undersea fiber-optic networks linking the US Virgin Island St. Thomas with the Island of St. Croix.
(approximately 40 miles south of St. Thomas).

The St. Thomas link is located in Nazareth, and the landing station in St. Croix is located in Christiansted. The VILink System is a nonrepeatered, linear cable segment composed of 24 fiber strands. Initially, the cable was deployed with long range transceivers using 10 Gigabit/second wavelengths on a single fiber pair. The VILink System may be upgraded to use 40 and/or 100 Gigabit/second technology in the future.

Jewelry Ring Gauge to mm / inch

This gauge chart applies to piercings (earings, nose rings, and all the other body holes you might have). The higher the gauge, the thinner the ring.

Gauge Inches Millimeters
10 0.102 2.59
11 0.091 2.31
12 0.081 2.06
13 0.072 1.83
14 0.064 1.63
15 0.057 1.45
16 0.052 1.29
17 0.045 1.14
18 0.04 1.02
19 0.036 0.91
20 0.032 0.81
21 0.028 0.71
22 0.025 0.64
23 0.023 0.58
24 0.02 0.51
25 0.0179 0.455
26 0.0159 0.404
27 0.0142 0.361
28 0.0126 0.32
29 0.0113 0.287
30 0.01 0.25
31 0.0089 0.226
32 0.008 0.2
33 0.0071 0.18
34 0.0063 0.16
35 0.0056 0.142
36 0.005 0.13
37 0.0045 0.114
38 0.004 0.1

Project Fi Dialer Codes

Force Jump to Sprint FITMO: *#*#34777#*#*

Force Jump to T-Mobile FISPR: *#*#34866#*#*

Force Jump to U.S Cellular FIFAN / FIDAN: *#*#34326#*#*

Force Jump To Three UK (UK Only): *#*#3474666#*#*

Force Jump to Next Carrier: *#*#346398#*#*

Turn On Auto Switch FIAUTO: *#*#342886#*#*

Repair Bad Activation FIXME: *#*#34963#*#*

Current Network Info: *#*#344636#*#*

Fix International Roaming FIROAM: *#*#FIROAM#*#*

Force Carrier Select Page: *#*#347626#*#*

Turn Off Voice Chat GTA 5 [PS3 / PS4 / Xbox]

Voice chat can be really annoying on Grand Theft Auto. A bunch of kids swearing about how cool they are. Enough is enough. In order to silence it all (without having to go through the list of people and mute them individually). There are a couple ways to do this. For PS4, Xbox, and PS3, you can create a Party (with only yourself) and then only listen to the party audio.

PS3 / Xbox

  • Creating a Party on Private
  • Prioritise the Party Audio.


  • Long Press the “PAD” button
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Voice Chat: Nobody

You will still fully enjoy the sounds from within the game but the in-game chat audio won’t come through.

10 GB in a 27 KB Gzip File [My Present To HTTP Scanners]

Here’s a gzip bomb I use to redirect http scanners and web scrapers to:


Create a PHP file with the following:

< ?php header('Content-Encoding: gzip'); echo file_get_contents('10G.gz');

Example: http://rehmann.co/gz-bomb.php

How it works:

  1. A web-crawler or browser requests the page and sends the "accept-encoding: gzip, deflate, br" header.
    So long as gzip is accepted, the gzip bomb will do its job.
  2. The web server and php script respond to the request with the 27 KB Gzip bomb package. 27 KB is delivered to the client.
  3. The client browser or crawler begins to unzip the data before it is processed by the script or shown to the user
  4. The client machine runs out of memory / crashes before the bomb is fully unzipped.

MikroTik RouterOS 0-Day: mikrotik0417.zip / vigor20180417.zip

Some notes on the MikroTik RouterOs 0-day exploit:

mikrotik0417.zip / vigor20180417.zip are the two payload files targeting Mikrotek routers.

They have been seen from the following domains:


  1. 162.212.182[.]64
  2. march10dom3[.]com
  3. march10dom5[.]com
  4. march10dom6[.]com
  5. march10dom7[.]com
  6. march10dom8[.]com
  7. marchdom4[.]com
  8. utyrhgfhtujyhrgef[.]com
  9. shabihello[.]com

SHA256 of Payloads:

  • 11bb98f34193d058b349b4e1f927dc4f
  • f0ef1c888ed5f2f3f1c0c8e6f992749c
  • 115a2cd858eb76edc6f4f7897e9f569b
  • 18f64bdad09f4252121124499c4a713a

Possible WhoIs Record related to these domains:
[email protected]


Rukus Captive Portal Login


The above urls are in the format of the Captive Portal Login for Rukus Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) / VOIP devices. You will need to replace {sip-server-ip-address} with the IP or host address of your SIP server. You may need to change https to http in order to reliably connect to the server, but this is not recommended (as it degrades the security of the connection between your login and the device).

You may be trying to login at 153-130:9997/SubscriberPortal/hotspotlogin

If you are having trouble logging in, please share your issues below!