Voice chat can be really annoying on Grand Theft Auto. A bunch of kids swearing about how cool they are. Enough is enough. In order to silence it all (without having to go through the list of people and mute them individually). There are a couple ways to do this. For PS4, Xbox, and PS3, you can create a Party (with only yourself) and then only listen to the party audio.

PS3 / Xbox

  • Creating a Party on Private
  • Prioritise the Party Audio.


  • Long Press the “PAD” button
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Voice Chat: Nobody

You will still fully enjoy the sounds from within the game but the in-game chat audio won’t come through.

One thought on “Turn Off Voice Chat GTA 5 [PS3 / PS4 / Xbox]

  1. Voice chat is really an annoying thing in the game. I have been looking for some help to block this sound in the game. Then I found this blog where I got info about how to block the sound of the voice chat.

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