Project Fi Coverage Maps for US States and Territories

Project Fi Coverage Maps – US States & Territories

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island[H]
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
District of Columbia
American Samoa
Northern Mariana Islands[L][17]
Puerto Rico[M]
U.S. Virgin Islands[20]

Project Fi Calling Rates (Incoming / Outgoing / Roaming)

Check the Rates for Incoming Calls, Outgoing Calls and Roaming Rates (rates for when you’re in that country)  on Google Voice / Google Project Fi using the table below:

Country Country Code Check Rates
Afghanistan 93 Check Afghanistan Rates
Albania 355 Check Albania Rates
Algeria 213 Check Algeria Rates
American Samoa 1-684 Check American Samoa Rates
Andorra 376 Check Andorra Rates
Angola 244 Check Angola Rates
Anguilla 1-264 Check Anguilla Rates
Antarctica 672 Check Antarctica Rates
Antigua and Barbuda 1-268 Check Antigua and Barbuda Rates
Argentina 54 Check Argentina Rates
Armenia 374 Check Armenia Rates
Aruba 297 Check Aruba Rates
Australia 61 Check Australia Rates
Austria 43 Check Austria Rates
Azerbaijan 994 Check Azerbaijan Rates
Bahamas 1-242 Check Bahamas Rates
Bahrain 973 Check Bahrain Rates
Bangladesh 880 Check Bangladesh Rates
Barbados 1-246 Check Barbados Rates
Belarus 375 Check Belarus Rates
Belgium 32 Check Belgium Rates
Belize 501 Check Belize Rates
Benin 229 Check Benin Rates
Bermuda 1-441 Check Bermuda Rates
Bhutan 975 Check Bhutan Rates
Bolivia 591 Check Bolivia Rates
Bosnia and Herzegovina 387 Check Bosnia and Herzegovina Rates
Botswana 267 Check Botswana Rates
Brazil 55 Check Brazil Rates
British Indian Ocean Territory 246 Check British Indian Ocean Territory Rates
British Virgin Islands 1-284 Check British Virgin Islands Rates
Brunei 673 Check Brunei Rates
Bulgaria 359 Check Bulgaria Rates
Burkina Faso 226 Check Burkina Faso Rates
Burundi 257 Check Burundi Rates
Cambodia 855 Check Cambodia Rates
Cameroon 237 Check Cameroon Rates
Canada 1 Check Canada Rates
Cape Verde 238 Check Cape Verde Rates
Cayman Islands 1-345 Check Cayman Islands Rates
Central African Republic 236 Check Central African Republic Rates
Chad 235 Check Chad Rates
Chile 56 Check Chile Rates
China 86 Check China Rates
Christmas Island 61 Check Christmas Island Rates
Cocos Islands 61 Check Cocos Islands Rates
Colombia 57 Check Colombia Rates
Comoros 269 Check Comoros Rates
Cook Islands 682 Check Cook Islands Rates
Costa Rica 506 Check Costa Rica Rates
Croatia 385 Check Croatia Rates
Cuba 53 Check Cuba Rates
Curacao 599 Check Curacao Rates
Cyprus 357 Check Cyprus Rates
Czech Republic 420 Check Czech Republic Rates
Democratic Republic of the Congo 243 Check Democratic Republic of the Congo Rates
Denmark 45 Check Denmark Rates
Djibouti 253 Check Djibouti Rates
Dominica 1-767 Check Dominica Rates
Dominican Republic 1-809, 1-829, 1-849 Check Dominican Republic Rates
East Timor 670 Check East Timor Rates
Ecuador 593 Check Ecuador Rates
Egypt 20 Check Egypt Rates
El Salvador 503 Check El Salvador Rates
Equatorial Guinea 240 Check Equatorial Guinea Rates
Eritrea 291 Check Eritrea Rates
Estonia 372 Check Estonia Rates
Ethiopia 251 Check Ethiopia Rates
Falkland Islands 500 Check Falkland Islands Rates
Faroe Islands 298 Check Faroe Islands Rates
Fiji 679 Check Fiji Rates
Finland 358 Check Finland Rates
France 33 Check France Rates
French Polynesia 689 Check French Polynesia Rates
Gabon 241 Check Gabon Rates
Gambia 220 Check Gambia Rates
Georgia 995 Check Georgia Rates
Germany 49 Check Germany Rates
Ghana 233 Check Ghana Rates
Gibraltar 350 Check Gibraltar Rates
Greece 30 Check Greece Rates
Greenland 299 Check Greenland Rates
Grenada 1-473 Check Grenada Rates
Guam 1-671 Check Guam Rates
Guatemala 502 Check Guatemala Rates
Guernsey 44-1481 Check Guernsey Rates
Guinea 224 Check Guinea Rates
Guinea-Bissau 245 Check Guinea-Bissau Rates
Guyana 592 Check Guyana Rates
Haiti 509 Check Haiti Rates
Honduras 504 Check Honduras Rates
Hong Kong 852 Check Hong Kong Rates
Hungary 36 Check Hungary Rates
Iceland 354 Check Iceland Rates
India 91 Check India Rates
Indonesia 62 Check Indonesia Rates
Iran 98 Check Iran Rates
Iraq 964 Check Iraq Rates
Ireland 353 Check Ireland Rates
Isle of Man 44-1624 Check Isle of Man Rates
Israel 972 Check Israel Rates
Italy 39 Check Italy Rates
Ivory Coast 225 Check Ivory Coast Rates
Jamaica 1-876 Check Jamaica Rates
Japan 81 Check Japan Rates
Jersey 44-1534 Check Jersey Rates
Jordan 962 Check Jordan Rates
Kazakhstan 7 Check Kazakhstan Rates
Kenya 254 Check Kenya Rates
Kiribati 686 Check Kiribati Rates
Kosovo 383 Check Kosovo Rates
Kuwait 965 Check Kuwait Rates
Kyrgyzstan 996 Check Kyrgyzstan Rates
Laos 856 Check Laos Rates
Latvia 371 Check Latvia Rates
Lebanon 961 Check Lebanon Rates
Lesotho 266 Check Lesotho Rates
Liberia 231 Check Liberia Rates
Libya 218 Check Libya Rates
Liechtenstein 423 Check Liechtenstein Rates
Lithuania 370 Check Lithuania Rates
Luxembourg 352 Check Luxembourg Rates
Macau 853 Check Macau Rates
Macedonia 389 Check Macedonia Rates
Madagascar 261 Check Madagascar Rates
Malawi 265 Check Malawi Rates
Malaysia 60 Check Malaysia Rates
Maldives 960 Check Maldives Rates
Mali 223 Check Mali Rates
Malta 356 Check Malta Rates
Marshall Islands 692 Check Marshall Islands Rates
Mauritania 222 Check Mauritania Rates
Mauritius 230 Check Mauritius Rates
Mayotte 262 Check Mayotte Rates
Mexico 52 Check Mexico Rates
Micronesia 691 Check Micronesia Rates
Moldova 373 Check Moldova Rates
Monaco 377 Check Monaco Rates
Mongolia 976 Check Mongolia Rates
Montenegro 382 Check Montenegro Rates
Montserrat 1-664 Check Montserrat Rates
Morocco 212 Check Morocco Rates
Mozambique 258 Check Mozambique Rates
Myanmar 95 Check Myanmar Rates
Namibia 264 Check Namibia Rates
Nauru 674 Check Nauru Rates
Nepal 977 Check Nepal Rates
Netherlands 31 Check Netherlands Rates
Netherlands Antilles 599 Check Netherlands Antilles Rates
New Caledonia 687 Check New Caledonia Rates
New Zealand 64 Check New Zealand Rates
Nicaragua 505 Check Nicaragua Rates
Niger 227 Check Niger Rates
Nigeria 234 Check Nigeria Rates
Niue 683 Check Niue Rates
North Korea 850 Check North Korea Rates
Northern Mariana Islands 1-670 Check Northern Mariana Islands Rates
Norway 47 Check Norway Rates
Oman 968 Check Oman Rates
Pakistan 92 Check Pakistan Rates
Palau 680 Check Palau Rates
Palestine 970 Check Palestine Rates
Panama 507 Check Panama Rates
Papua New Guinea 675 Check Papua New Guinea Rates
Paraguay 595 Check Paraguay Rates
Peru 51 Check Peru Rates
Philippines 63 Check Philippines Rates
Pitcairn 64 Check Pitcairn Rates
Poland 48 Check Poland Rates
Portugal 351 Check Portugal Rates
Puerto Rico 1-787, 1-939 Check Puerto Rico Rates
Qatar 974 Check Qatar Rates
Republic of the Congo 242 Check Republic of the Congo Rates
Reunion 262 Check Reunion Rates
Romania 40 Check Romania Rates
Russia 7 Check Russia Rates
Rwanda 250 Check Rwanda Rates
Saint Barthelemy 590 Check Saint Barthelemy Rates
Saint Helena 290 Check Saint Helena Rates
Saint Kitts and Nevis 1-869 Check Saint Kitts and Nevis Rates
Saint Lucia 1-758 Check Saint Lucia Rates
Saint Martin 590 Check Saint Martin Rates
Saint Pierre and Miquelon 508 Check Saint Pierre and Miquelon Rates
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1-784 Check Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Rates
Samoa 685 Check Samoa Rates
San Marino 378 Check San Marino Rates
Sao Tome and Principe 239 Check Sao Tome and Principe Rates
Saudi Arabia 966 Check Saudi Arabia Rates
Senegal 221 Check Senegal Rates
Serbia 381 Check Serbia Rates
Seychelles 248 Check Seychelles Rates
Sierra Leone 232 Check Sierra Leone Rates
Singapore 65 Check Singapore Rates
Sint Maarten 1-721 Check Sint Maarten Rates
Slovakia 421 Check Slovakia Rates
Slovenia 386 Check Slovenia Rates
Solomon Islands 677 Check Solomon Islands Rates
Somalia 252 Check Somalia Rates
South Africa 27 Check South Africa Rates
South Korea 82 Check South Korea Rates
South Sudan 211 Check South Sudan Rates
Spain 34 Check Spain Rates
Sri Lanka 94 Check Sri Lanka Rates
Sudan 249 Check Sudan Rates
Suriname 597 Check Suriname Rates
Svalbard and Jan Mayen 47 Check Svalbard and Jan Mayen Rates
Swaziland 268 Check Swaziland Rates
Sweden 46 Check Sweden Rates
Switzerland 41 Check Switzerland Rates
Syria 963 Check Syria Rates
Taiwan 886 Check Taiwan Rates
Tajikistan 992 Check Tajikistan Rates
Tanzania 255 Check Tanzania Rates
Thailand 66 Check Thailand Rates
Togo 228 Check Togo Rates
Tokelau 690 Check Tokelau Rates
Tonga 676 Check Tonga Rates
Trinidad and Tobago 1-868 Check Trinidad and Tobago Rates
Tunisia 216 Check Tunisia Rates
Turkey 90 Check Turkey Rates
Turkmenistan 993 Check Turkmenistan Rates
Turks and Caicos Islands 1-649 Check Turks and Caicos Islands Rates
Tuvalu 688 Check Tuvalu Rates
U.S. Virgin Islands 1-340 Check U.S. Virgin Islands Rates
Uganda 256 Check Uganda Rates
Ukraine 380 Check Ukraine Rates
United Arab Emirates 971 Check United Arab Emirates Rates
United Kingdom 44 Check United Kingdom Rates
United States 1 Check United States Rates
Uruguay 598 Check Uruguay Rates
Uzbekistan 998 Check Uzbekistan Rates
Vanuatu 678 Check Vanuatu Rates
Vatican 379 Check Vatican Rates
Venezuela 58 Check Venezuela Rates
Vietnam 84 Check Vietnam Rates
Wallis and Futuna 681 Check Wallis and Futuna Rates
Western Sahara 212 Check Western Sahara Rates
Yemen 967 Check Yemen Rates
Zambia 260 Check Zambia Rates
Zimbabwe 263 Check Zimbabwe

408-256-0700 Calling Google Project Fi Number

408-256-0700 is the phone number Google Fi assigns to the caller ID of known spam calls.

According to Google:

Update: This issue has been fixed with Android 6.0

You may see spam calls from +1-408-256-0700 on Bluetooth watches connected to a Project Fi phone. This is the number Project Fi uses when it identifies a spam call. It only appears on your watch and doesn’t ring your phone. When you see the number, please ignore it.

If you are seeing this number on your device, you may be using project Fi on an iPhone or non-fi device. You can ignore these spam calls.

According to Reddit user and claimed 911 dispatcher prynsys03, 4082560700 is also used as the caller ID on 911 call back numbers and calls made to the spring and T-Mobile MSID assigned to your phone:

In order to access the Sprint and Tmobile networks, each Project Fi customer was assigned a MSID (mobile service ID) that allows access to each network. The MSID is basically a phone number that connects you with Sprint and Tmobile. So, technically you have 3 phone numbers! Yes 3! When someone calls your MSID for Sprint or Tmobile, it rings into your Project Fi phone and displays 408 256 0700 as the caller ID. The reason you may be getting so many calls is because the MSID you were given is a recycled phone number! DO NOT block that number! If you ever have to call 911 and have to hang up, the dispatcher will not be able to contact you back! The dispatcher is not provided your “real” phone number. Instead we are provided your Tmobile or Sprint MSID, depending on which tower you used to make the call. So if we have to call you back and you block 408 256 0700, we cannot get through!


Google Project Fi Beta Testers Get Free Charger, Case, and Headphones

In a white box with a green wrapping titled “Thanks Again.”, some original Google Project Fi backers are receiving thank you packages from Google.

Hi. Thanks for being here from the beginning. These are for you.
Hi. Thanks for being here from the beginning. These are for you.

Packages include:

100% all-natural juice for your phone - Google Project Fi Charger
100% all-natural juice for your phone
Turn airdrum solos into airdrum duets. - Google Project Fi Earphones
Turn airdrum solos into airdrum duets.
Project Fi Nexus 6 Phone Case - "Even phones need hugs"
Even phones need hugs

This particular thank you package was sent as a Fedex Shipment from INGRAM MICRO INC/BRANCH #40 – CAROL STREAM, IL US – Purchase order number MORSCRYcaqs32R , 12x9x5 in. 2 lbs