Infrared Photobiomodulation Hat Prototype

Here’s an Adidas¬†hat with 850nm and 950nm LEDs installed for photobiomodulation. The hat is a simple prototype using the components overviewed in this post. I have yet to add PWM (pulse width modulation) to the LED strips.

Inside the hat with the Infrared LEDs engaged
Backside of the hat wiring connects to a 12 volt adapter
Close-up View of the LED Array

Infrared SMD LED Strips (850nm & 940nm) [for photobiomodulation]

Here is my quick video review of a couple Infrared LED strips I purchased from Aliexpress. The goal is to turn these into 10 Hz & 40 Hz pulsing infrared strips for some sort of DIY photo-bio-modulation therapy or just science testing.

A few studies I find interesting include:

It seems with 10 Hz flashing [infrared] light, people may experience a relaxing, alpha wave inducing effect while with 40 Hz, a stimulating effect may be produced (increased Gamma waves).

The video was shot through a Google Pixel. I’ve also taken this photo to try and show you the infrared wavelengths. While trying to make the same video on my iPhone, the LEDs were completely dark (invisible to the camera sensor).

Looking at the two different strips with my eyeballs, the 850nm strip has a very subtle red glow to it while the 940nm strip is completely invisible to my human eyes — but I can tell it is on because it gets quite hot.

two infrared led strips glowing a light purple
940nm strip on the left, 850nm strip on the right

I’ll add another post once I have a control mechanism to properly adjust the pulse of these infrared leds.¬† All together I have about 2 meters of LEDs with a total energy output of around 20 watts (12 Volts @ 1.67 Amps)