Better Key Rates – OSX

Set better keyboard repeat rates with the following commands in terminal. Before running the commands set your Key Repeat and Delay Until Repeat to the fastest options (System Preferences->Keyboard).

#disable special characters when holding keys
defaults write NSGlobalDomain ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false

# normal minimum is 15 (225 ms)
defaults write -g InitialKeyRepeat -float 10.0
defaults write NSGlobalDomain InitialKeyRepeat -float 10.0

# normal minimum is 2 (30 ms)
defaults write NSGlobalDomain KeyRepeat -float 1.0
defaults write -g KeyRepeat -float 1.0

Log out and back in and your keys will be blazing fast. Don’t set them too low or you will have trouble using your keyboard to type in your password (trust me, I tried super low values and almost got locked out). If you re-open or adjust your keyboard settings from the system preferences menu, you may have to re-run these commands (so keep this post handy!)

Dual WiFi Networks on Mac OSX (Speedify with 2 WiFi Connections on a Mac)

Things You’ll Need:

Step 1. Get a USB WiFi adapter from Amazon compatible with OSX. There are many options, but I can be for certain the linked adapter works with the linked drivers (and Speedify)

Step 2. Install the drivers. This will enable a USB-WiFi pane in your navigation bar:

The drivers will also enable the USB Network Adapter in your Wireless Settings Pane:

Step 3. Get Speedify Running
There are many ways to tunnel a connection over multiple networks, but Speedify has made this a super simple task. You can even tether your phone for 3 total tunnels to the internet (Built adapter, USB Adapter, Phone Tether).

I’ll be doing a write-up soon on how this setup performs by connecting to two Coffee shops simultaneously.