iPhone XS / Max / XR Dual Sim Setup

The iPhone XS, Max, and XR are the first Apple phones to include Dual Sim technology. For the iPhone XS and XR, this involves having an eSim as well as a physical sim card slot. This is not unlike the current generations of Google Pixel (Pixel 1 and 2), but the iPhone can have both the eSim and physical sim active at the same time. With the iPhone XS Max, the sim card slot is essentially double-sided, enabling support for 2 physical sim cards.

Now that I have this shiny new Dual-SIM-eSIM phone in my hands, I wanted to test out support for Verizon combined with Google Fi (the ultimate service combo!)… Apple, however, will not support the eSIM technology until November 2018 when they will release an app (or settings feature) which will enable setup of the eSIM.