Google Fi Referral Code for $20 Credit

Join Google’s project Fi with this referral code and you’ll get a $20 credit on your bill.


Or join using this link:

I also encourage you to use a referral code from those submitted below.

52 thoughts on “Google Fi Referral Code for $20 Credit”

  1. D609EY

    My referral code.

    Find yours at the bottom of the Fi Account Manager under Share the Love.
    Also be sure to use the pause feature to save even more on service if you don’t need service away from WiFi every day!

    1. Share the Fi Love referral program
      You can refer up to 10 friends to join Project Fi. Once your friend signs up for a new Project Fi account and has been with Project Fi for 30 days, you’ll each see a $20 credit applied to your next bill.

      Refer a friend by sharing your unique invitation code in the Project Fi app:

      Open the Project Fi app Project Fi.
      Select Account.
      Find the banner at the top and select Refer a friend. If you don’t see a banner, you can find your code by tapping the link at the bottom of the Project Fi app home screen.
      Tap the Refer a friend button and choose your preferred delivery method. Your code will also be copied to your clipboard.
      Once you’ve sent out invitations, come back to this screen to track your referrals’ status.

  2. 9C480U

    Project Fi has had great coverage for everyday use in NYC. Tested data speeds in several countries while travelling in Europe, Asia and Mideast so far. Seamless coverage, only 2-5 mins for network to activate after landing each time.

  3. This is a brand new code that is still active: YE952H

    Use this for a $20 credit when you sign up.

  4. This is a brand new code that is still active: 64MH46

    Use this for a $20 credit when you sign up.

  5. V87EN9 is my code. Please use it to get $20 off your first month after 30 days of using Fi.

  6. Thanks Philip – codes are only good for 10 uses, if the above ones are used, here is a new one
    Google fi Referral Code KXE7C2

  7. I have recently moved to Google FI and I love it. Here is the code if you are interested. It works:

    Google FI referral code: R98870

  8. Here is my referral code: 05W9KF

    Get $20 Fi credit with new signup. Thanks in advance for using it!

  9. Use code JMTCYR

    $20 off and first month of service is free when you sign up for Google FI

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