Pelican City – The Movie Theater

Pelican City – The Movie Theater

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I have a few memories of the past, but, how I got here – I don’t know.
When I started living out of the unit.
I don’t know when there was no machine. I can’t even remember if there was a point when the machine wasn’t there.
It-It’s always been there. I can’t even remember the last time I even saw, I mean really saw another human being.

Mankind was meant to take this step.

Ya know, John, what brings us down? What keeps us at the same level as [~~~]
No, sir.
It’s that we’re constantly reminded of our mortality.
You take that away: the mind will have the ultimate form of freedom.

7 thoughts on “Pelican City – The Movie Theater”

  1. First sample… tell me this is not Abe from Primer?! Perhaps a cut scene? I dunno, but that’s him. And the album is from a few years earlier too….

    1. Could be “Abe” (David Sullivan), but it’s not from Primer. Searched the subtitles. Nothing else pops out to me on his IMDB page which could be the source of the clip.

  2. Ya know, John, what brings us down? What keeps us at the same level as [our ancestors]

    Almost 20 years later and I’m still looking for these sample sources…

    1. i was curious about it too so i looked on discogs to see if there was any good images of the cd booklet in case there was a sample credits section and apparently both of those samples are sourced from a movie called “the living machine” by a studio called pop films. i’m not having any luck finding anything about it though

      1. Yeah, I have the CD. Just like “The Chilling Effect” motion picture, I don’t think it’s real. Good detective work though!

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