Enable Remarketing Data Collection (RLSA)


Enables data collection for Display and Search Remarketing. When you enable this setting, you must adhere to the Google Analytics Advertising Features Policy, including rules around sensitive categories.
Enable Remarketing Data Collection (RLSA)


Property rehmann.co has at least one audience that is eligible for RLSA, but does not have data collection for remarketing enabled.


In order to use Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), remarketing data has to be collected from hits that are sent from your website. By default, hits sent from a website tagged with the Google Analytics tracking code will not include remarketing data. However, you can configure your Google Analytics web property settings to allow hits to include this data.

Property rehmann.co has at least one audience that is eligible for RLSA, but has not enabled data collection for remarketing.

If remarketing data collection is not enabled, you won’t be able to use RLSA.

To include remarketing data with Google Analytics hits, open the Admin tab, click the Tracking Info property settings category, go to the Data Collectionsubcategory, and turn Remarketing to ON.

408-256-0700 Calling Google Project Fi Number

408-256-0700 is the phone number Google Fi assigns to the caller ID of known spam calls.

According to Google:

Update: This issue has been fixed with Android 6.0

You may see spam calls from +1-408-256-0700 on Bluetooth watches connected to a Project Fi phone. This is the number Project Fi uses when it identifies a spam call. It only appears on your watch and doesn’t ring your phone. When you see the number, please ignore it.

If you are seeing this number on your device, you may be using project Fi on an iPhone or non-fi device. You can ignore these spam calls.

According to Reddit user and claimed 911 dispatcher prynsys03, 4082560700 is also used as the caller ID on 911 call back numbers and calls made to the spring and T-Mobile MSID assigned to your phone:

In order to access the Sprint and Tmobile networks, each Project Fi customer was assigned a MSID (mobile service ID) that allows access to each network. The MSID is basically a phone number that connects you with Sprint and Tmobile. So, technically you have 3 phone numbers! Yes 3! When someone calls your MSID for Sprint or Tmobile, it rings into your Project Fi phone and displays 408 256 0700 as the caller ID. The reason you may be getting so many calls is because the MSID you were given is a recycled phone number! DO NOT block that number! If you ever have to call 911 and have to hang up, the dispatcher will not be able to contact you back! The dispatcher is not provided your “real” phone number. Instead we are provided your Tmobile or Sprint MSID, depending on which tower you used to make the call. So if we have to call you back and you block 408 256 0700, we cannot get through!


How to Sound More Punctual: 1 Easy Step

If you’d like to sound a little smarter, come across as more sophisticated, or make friends with the intellectual crowd, all you need to know to be more punctual is that punctually is not in how you sound.

[puhngk-choo-uh l]


strictly observant of an appointed or regular time; not late; prompt.
made, occurring, etc., at the scheduled or proper time:
punctual payment.
pertaining to or of the nature of a point.
4. punctilious.


Just show up on time and meet deadlines and you will be more punctual, but you can never sound more punctual. ?

77% Atmospheric Pressure on a flight from Detroit to Milan

During my international flight from Detroit, Michigan to Milan, Italy my phone barometer registered in at 0.7748 atm. That’s 77.48% Atmospheric Pressure!
No wonder people feel so bad after flying. Compared with Denver Colorado, the mile high city, (which has an atmospheric pressure of around 0.83 atm, we’re talking about knocking an additional 6% off.

77.48% Atmospheric Pressure During Flight
77.48% Atmospheric Pressure During Flight

Public Sim and Private Sim – What’s the difference?

With Motorola’s Latest phone, FCC ID AZ489FT7078, they introduced two sim card slots. One titled “Public Sim” and the other “Private Sim” although Motorola didn’t specify the exact details on this dual sim phone, it can be assumed this phone is intended for enterprise use. The Public Sim slot would be for the Sim Card provided by your employer while the private sim slot would be for your own personal sim. This will allow you to use two different phone numbers (work and personal) with one device. Motorola may also have features for specifying which sim to use for Data, Voice, and SMS.

Public and Private Sim Slot Labeling
Public and Private Sim Slot Labeling

Pelican City – The Movie Theater

Pelican City – The Movie Theater

Lyrics and YouTube Audio

I have a few memories of the past, but, how I got here – I don’t know.
When I started living out of the unit.
I don’t know when there was no machine. I can’t even remember if there was a point when the machine wasn’t there.
It-It’s always been there. I can’t even remember the last time I even saw, I mean really saw another human being.

Ya know, John, what brings us down? What keeps us at the same level as [~~~]
No, sir.
It’s that we’re constantly reminded of our mortality.
You take that away: the mind will have the ultimate form of freedom.

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When submitting links to Google Webmaster Tools via the link: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url Google will block you after submitting 50 links.

Your request has been declined. Reason: Your request can not be processed at this time, please try again in a few days
Your request has been declined. Reason: Your request can not be processed at this time, please try again in a few days

In order to submit URLs to google, you will need to be signed in to a google account. This is how Google keeps track of the number of links you have submitted. In order to reset the number of links, you have two simple options: wait 7 days for your count to return below 50 links or sign into another google account. It would be best to use a friend or family’s google account rather than create one only for submitting links as this will likely appear less spammy.

Your request has been received and will be processed shortly
Your request has been received and will be processed shortly

Good Luck Crawling!

Navy to spend 11 Million on D-Wave Quantum Computing

According to a request put in by the US Navy, they have budgeted 11 million dollars for “D-Wave Training”.

U — D-Wave Training 101, 201, 301
Solicitation Number: N66001-16-T-7457
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
Location: SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, Pacific (SSC Pacific) intends to award a firm fixed price purchase order on a sole source basis to D-Wave (Government) Inc.. The requirement is for the purchase of the following items:

Line Item 0001: Training – D-Wave Quantum Annealer Computer System (D-Wav 101, 201, 301)

Acquisition of Commercial Items under FAR Part 12 and Simplified Acquisitions Procedures under FAR Part 13 apply. The applicable NAICS Code is 611420 and the size standard is $11,000,000.00.

This request for quote is only for training, so it would seem they may already have d-wave system(s) to be trained on.