NetGear R6300v2

Receiving “Firmware is Invalid” message for the auto-upgrade.

Firmware Upgrade Assistant


A new version has been found. Do You want to upgrade to the new version now?

Current Firmware Version

New Firmware Version

Release Notes

 1.   [New feature & Enhancement] Added No-IP DDNS support.

 2.   [New feature & Enhancement] Added CE DFS channel support.

 3.   [New feature & Enhancement] Improved 2.4G and 5G WiFi stability.

 4.   [New feature & Enhancement] Improved USB performance.

 5.   [Bug Fix] Fixed BitComet throughput drop issue.

 6.   [Bug Fix] Fixed UPnP IGRS issue.

 7.   [Bug Fix] Fixed UPnP Traffic Meter in AP mode.

 8.   [Bug Fix] Fixed FBwifi unstable issue.

 9.   [Other] Removed repeater function (WDS).

 10.   [Enhancement] New WiFi driver to comply with FCC 5G new rule.

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