While checking on my site report for google adsense, I came upon this mysterious “cloudflare.works” domain coming up in the referral traffic.

cloudflare.works in AdSense Site Report

The site was only showing up as a couple hits a month. Upon attempting to visit any of the displayed subdomains, I’m presented with a message:

This may not be the page you're expecting (request failed security checks).

The site seems to host a variety of content including some miscellaneous javascript code, apparent court case documents and a cloudflare developer tos page.

    The eager.works domain is used to help users of <a href="https://eager.io">Eager</a> test apps.  Contact       <a href="mailto:help@eager.io">help@eager.io</a> with any questions or concerns.
eager.works domain reference found on cloudflare.works/files/

My guess is these referrals are being generated from automated or manual reviews of websites by developers using cloudflare’s new app platform.

I have installed and uninstalled several apps, reporting some as not functioning properly.  Have you had traffic from similar subdomains on your site?

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