Leadway Pensure Data Recapture Exercise [tiny.cc/tbjr2y]

The National Pension Commission (PENCOM) recently released a new working guide on CFI and the main objective of the Data Recapture Exercise is to obtain complete and accurate data of all RSA holders (both active and retired) in line with the provisions of Section 23(e) of the PRA 2014.

Review the full document here: DATA-RECAPTURE-EXERCISE [pdf]


46 thoughts on “Leadway Pensure Data Recapture Exercise [tiny.cc/tbjr2y]”

  1. What should Really holder do? How is this image re- capturing done and where and when should he/she go for it. Please be explicit.

  2. I am not well clear about this information,are you going to recapture all your customers with their data’s or what?

  3. I was captured when I went to collect NPOWER letter from ministry or health,this is a social empowerment program which federal said will last for 2years,how necessary is recapturing hence is not a permanent job.

  4. I commend you for wonderful job especially update on our account and I won’t mind if you can provide some vital informations which I need to know like (what and when am entitled to my money and what percentage am likely to collect and so on )

  5. When will your officers be coming for the exercise in the University of Nigeria Nsukka?

  6. Good afternoon sir /ma
    Can I get the code to access my staff’s pension pin and bank details for her monthly remittance? Her names are: Mrs Opara Evelyn Osa

    1. I have sent my personal data to unico CFA before do I still need to do the data recapturing again.

  7. Hello, Verry Good,
    Please, can one go to his or her branch for capture?


  8. Please, I don’t understand this data recapturing and the requirements… kindly explain,…

  9. Good day ma/sir!
    Please, can u make me to understand more about the recapturing exercise also when are we starting?

  10. Good day Sir/Ma, Please l will to take the passpost on our own or you are doing it for us. thanks

  11. Please let us know when you are coming so we can get those required documents down. Secondly, please when I am I entitled for my money. Thanks.

  12. I downloaded the PDF but I can’t find the required documents. Can u assist

  13. Please sir/ma, I wish to know if the recapture of the data can done online?

  14. sir/ma,once again i don’t known whethere i recaptivated data to get the code,to accessing, incensive,pension,pin and

  15. I now reside in Mubi Adamawa state. but my last employment station was Gombe. I did all the necessary documentation to get payments. till now am recieving my pension. how can I have my data recaptured in mubi? am working and will require 4 days to travel to bauchi since Adamawa/Gombe does not have your agents.

  16. The siute is presently not allowing access to the asterised fields thus making it stressful. pls assist

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