Jisiwei Cleaning Robot App “Failed To Connect”

Users of the Jisiwei Cleaning Robot are getting the error message “Failed To Connect”

Fail to connect, please check the network and then try again.

UPDATE: Jisiwei has renewed their registration so if you are experiencing this issue, it may be for a different reason.
This is because the company Jisiwei has failed to file the proper government documentation for their domain jisiwei.com

According to their hosting platform, Alibaba Cloud, Jisiwei has either provided incorrect information on their ICP filing or they have failed to file for their domain, Jisiwei.com. This has lead to an outage of their online websites, jisiwei.com, global.jisiwei.com, bbs.jisiwei.com, their corporate email services, and, yes, their app too. Many customers of their smart vacuum are now unable to control it via the app.

If you’re a Gearbest customer, I recommend contacting Gearbest to see if there is a way to return the product or perhaps Gearbest can contact the manufacturer directly to help sort out the issue.

Jisiwei Company Contact Info:
Email: [email protected] [email protected]
Skype: [email protected] [email protected]
QQ: 3409842875 3331439603
Mobile/WhatsApp: +86 13477020130, 15999588295

One thought on “Jisiwei Cleaning Robot App “Failed To Connect””

  1. What a Jangal big guys are boasted no body answer to it’s million rubbish product specially the Jisiwei Cleaning Robot .. I have this stoped product for a year now . First the just play with me to pass the return time !
    Now thier company is gone and thier broken Mobile App too
    Which not working anyway
    And thier no body to make them accountable for it !
    And our Amazon still slowing this product to be sold with fals promises
    Isn’t that proud! If there is no app anymore but these seller still saying it to those no swear of it

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