Facebook Research Study $20/month “Atlas” Referral Code

You can join the Facebook research study, “Project Atlas” and earn $20 a month from your participation.

The link to sign up is: https://my.betabound.com/key/atlas

While signing up, enter “[email protected]co” or “Proper diamondback” in the referral code section.

You may also want to review the NDA and Tester Participation Agreement.


Referral Terms:

Whether you’re participating in Project Atlas or not, you are eligible to receive $20 for every qualified referral into the Atlas project. That’s on top of the $20/month participation incentives on this project (if you participate yourself).

Important notes before you submit your referrals

  • Referred users cannot already be participating (or previously participated) in this project
  • Referred users’ device cannot be previously registered on Project Atlas or Kodiak
  • Referred users must register and install the app within two weeks of this email
  • Referred users must participate in at least one qualified calendar month
  • Device qualifications:
    • iPhones (all models and versions)
    • Android phones on Android Marshmallow or earlier. (Note: if referred users have Android Nougat or higher, we will notify them once they qualify for this project)

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