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Facebook has begun rolling out a new feature called Find WiFi.  This feature allows you to locate public and business provided WiFi nearby – all free of cost. At present, the Find WiFi feature is only enabled for some users, starting in London, UK.

To use this feature, navigate to Find Wi-Fi on Facebook and select the “hamburger” list of facebook options (the one that looks like 3 horizontal bars).  Beneath your Friends, Events, and Group Options, you will see a new feature called “Find Wi-Fi” with a Red Wi-Fi Icon.

Find WiFi Selector

Prompt to enable Facebook's Find Wi-Fi Feature
Prompt to enable Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi Feature

It’s worth noting that Find Wi-Fi will turn on Location History, allowing Facebook to build a history of precise locations received through your device. But you can see or delete this information in your Activity Log.

Once the feature is enabled, you will see a list or map of nearby businesses with their SSID (WiFi Name).

16 thoughts on “Facebook Find WiFi Feature”

  1. hi, if I found some free wifi available for use , how can I pin it and contribute to other user ? If the free wifi was at level 26 how I pin it in level 26 ? Thank you

  2. It is ok but you should make a feature choice for those who are getting scanned by others to know about it and choose to not let them! Maybe also if able to go in a wifi without acceptance of others to at least not be able to log in to facebook from these wifis that does not give their acceptance unless there is noone using them or using them drastically for gaming-downloading etc! If the owner use them for serious work, then you should get kicked out if you don’t make acceptance mode wifi checker!
    At last scan could be able only for open wifis or wifis used by many already!
    Scan but not want to log in another’s wifi cannot happen. So don’t just make scan but also acceptance by others before make it public or the people who has their wifi stolen will blame you!

  3. I think this application is helpful for me, that why I need it to install in my telephone.

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