Dual WiFi Networks on Mac OSX (Speedify with 2 WiFi Connections on a Mac)

Things You’ll Need:

Step 1. Get a USB WiFi adapter from Amazon compatible with OSX. There are many options, but I can be for certain the linked adapter works with the linked drivers (and Speedify)

Step 2. Install the drivers. This will enable a USB-WiFi pane in your navigation bar:

The drivers will also enable the USB Network Adapter in your Wireless Settings Pane:

Step 3. Get Speedify Running
There are many ways to tunnel a connection over multiple networks, but Speedify has made this a super simple task. You can even tether your phone for 3 total tunnels to the internet (Built adapter, USB Adapter, Phone Tether).

I’ll be doing a write-up soon on how this setup performs by connecting to two Coffee shops simultaneously.

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