Things You’ll Need:

Step 1. Get a USB WiFi adapter from Amazon compatible with OSX. There are many options, but I can be for certain the linked adapter works with the linked drivers (and Speedify)

Step 2. Install the drivers. This will enable a USB-WiFi pane in your navigation bar:

The drivers will also enable the USB Network Adapter in your Wireless Settings Pane:

Step 3. Get Speedify Running
There are many ways to tunnel a connection over multiple networks, but Speedify has made this a super simple task. You can even tether your phone for 3 total tunnels to the internet (Built adapter, USB Adapter, Phone Tether).

I’ll be doing a write-up soon on how this setup performs by connecting to two Coffee shops simultaneously.

3 thoughts on “Dual WiFi Networks on Mac OSX (Speedify with 2 WiFi Connections on a Mac)

  1. You can configure the Double Wifi connection in the MAC System. You can also check the Wifi adapter setting is compatible with the MAC operating system.

  2. It can solve the issue of buffering which is so annoying while watching online stuff. this is a great idea to improve speed quality of internet.

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