Extract Last Word/Number in a Cell in Excel


Say you have the following excel table and you want to populate the right-most cell with the 8.99 from cell B1.

The function you’ll need is as follows:

=RIGHT(B1,LEN(B1)-FIND(“@”,SUBSTITUTE(B1,” “,”@”,(LEN(B1)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(B1,” “,””)))/LEN(” “))))

This will get the last string with the right-most space before it.

CFR “[Reserved]” Status Meaning

The Code of Federal Regulations regularly assigns the title of [Reserved] to many titles, sub-parts, and chapters within the entire book of regulations. This status is used as a placeholder for future law to be written. Typically, it is especially used in parts of the law that are anticipated to be changing or expanding.

The “Reserved” status leaves room for growth in the CFR & eCFR.

eCFR – Code of Federal Regulations [CFR]

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is the codification of the general and permanent rules and regulations (sometimes called administrative law) published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the federal government of the United States.

The electronic format of this code is sometimes referred to as the e-CFR or eCFR. Access the Code of Federal Regulations.

The CFR currently is composed of 50 titles comprised of everything from emissions regulations to tobacco tax. Some of the regulations (including title 35 and many sub-parts) are given only the title of “reserved” indicating they can be added to later.

HP Easy Shell

HP Easy Sheel makes HP Thin Client Windows Embedded user experience easier than ever. Customize the intuitive interface and level of protection to fit your exact needs. Get targeted control at no cost, and make the most of your cloud, VDI, and kiosk environments.

  • Define user access to websites, single and multi-purpose apps
  • Customize user access to browsers, task manager, and control panels
  • Deploy rapidly across small or mass thin client environments

[pdf] HP Easy Shell Technology Spotlight

[pdf] HP Easy Shell-Overview

Apartment Scam Warning

If you see an apartment listing these images and possibly the video below, it is most certainly a scam.

IP tracing has to lead me to see this particular scammer is located in Benin, West Africa.

Here are some emails the scammer sent me while communicating about this apartment:

Hello Luke, How are you doing?

Thanks for showing interest in my sublet apartment.
Some info about me- I’m a 29 y.o travel Nurse, I have just been
transferred to start my new rotation in Louisiana for 11 months, i
recently came down here to join my colleagues for orientations,
conferences, I’m also trying to have my accomodation situation sorted
asap as well as get myself familiar with the area.

I initially had no plans of renting out my apartment, but since I have
along term lease with the building, and my contract with the landlord
permits me subleasing my apartment, instead of leaving the apartment
empty when there are a whole lot of people in need of a place to stay,
I decided to make my apartment affordable, look for someone who would
occupy and take good care of the unit while I am away, and at the same
time, getting some money for myself

The apartment is exactly like in the pictures posted on craigslist. I
made a short video of my apartment knowing I would not be around to
show you my place. If you feel comfortable with this, I would forward
you the video and also pictures to serve as guide with full details.

I’d like to know if you will be having any pets and if so would like
you to share some information about the pet,I would like to know a
little something about you, like how many persons you intend to live
in the apartment? and for how long? where are you presently,I look
forward to your email and Should you need more information, I am at
your disposal.

Best, James.

These emails were sent to me from the account of “James Dawei” [email protected]

“Landlord’s” phone number: 469-205-5670

Others are reporting the following name, emails, and addresses:

Please report the contact details of your scammer below.

The Boring Company Tunnels: EVs Only

Gasoline and diesel vehicles produce a large sum of poisonous emissions from the tailpipe. Vehicles are confined in a small space as with the tunnels being built by Elon Musk’s “The Boring Company”, the amount of ventilation required to keep the air breathable would be a huge cost burden to the construction of small tunnels (think of the large ventilators at the top of current tunnel systems)