Adsense Auto Ads with Regular Ads

After seeing Adsense Auto Ads beta feature pop up on my account, I was excited to jump right in. I did, however, worry adsense would be too conservative in placing ads or just not place the right type of ads for my site. In an effort to not have a couple day drop of a good chunk of revenue, I simply placed the auto-ad code in along with the existing ads on my site.

Auto Ads Setup Screen

I will be monitoring the performance closely and may remove the hard-coded ads to see if performance keeps up.

Set up Auto ads on your site

Copy and paste this code in between the <head> tags of your site. It’s the same code for all your pages. You don’t need to change it even if you change your global preferences. See our code implementation guide for more details.
For those of you looking to get started with auto-ads, you may be able to place the following code onto your site (with your own publisher-id).
<script async src="//"></script>
 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({
 google_ad_client: "ca-pub-0545639743190253",
 enable_page_level_ads: true

The auto-ads management page can be found at:

but since the program is still in beta, many users don’t have access yet.


Google also has the Auto Ads for AMP pages, in their documentation for the AMP implementation,  things are set out more clearly:


Bongle – The NoBing Extension (Redirect Bing->Google Search)

NoBing has been relaunched as Bongle after a copyright complaint by Microsoft.

NoBing is a simple tool to allow you to have the look of bing while simultaneously giving you the search results of google.

Find Bongle in the chrome web store here.

Questions, comments, and requests can be made below!

Equifax Ransom Address 17vkHnkXwYaSRiLipEWNWvNqPvC51ZBswy

The equifax hackers have requested a rasom to be paid to their bitcoin address at 17vkHnkXwYaSRiLipEWNWvNqPvC51ZBswy

If 600 BTC (approximately 2.5 Million USD) is not paid by 15 September 2017, the hackers have threatened to release the data online.

So far, no transactions have been sent to that address:

Where to get Delay/Cancelation Verification from Airlines (Delta, United, American,SouthWest,AirCanada, China Eastern, JetBlue, Alaska, ANA)

This post has been summarized and modified from the original content by reddit. user hiima

So, you’ve got a 3 hour/6 hour/overnight delay due to any reason out of your control and you have trip delay coverage from a credit card. One of the things you need along with the form is a flight delay/cancellation statement from the airline. Many say to get a military excuse, but this tip is outdated and also does not work for any international airline. Every gate agent I’ve asked either says they don’t know what you’re talking about, they don’t give them, or that you have to be military in order to get one. All lies or they really don’t know what you’re talking about. And usually finding a supervisor is near impossible depending on the airport if the agent doesn’t know how to produce one. The best way to get an airline flight delay statement is online or emailing the airline directly. Below is a list of links/emails for obtaining flight delay statements.


Use the link, fill out the form, and they’ll send you a statement.


Send an Email to[email protected]

Details for United:

Be sure to include the names of all customers in your party, the confirmation number, flight numbers, dates of travel, phone contact and the email address or mailing address where you would like the letter sent. Please allow 5-10 business days for processing.


Air Canada:

Send an email and request a flight delay statement.

China Eastern:

Fill in flight info, ID number, and flight date, submit and a statement will be auto generated instantly.


I’m pretty sure the first three links take you to the same form to fill out for a flight delay statement. Select “Special Assistance” (or don’t, I’m not your mom) and continue on to fill out info and ask for the delay/cancellation statement. You should get an email with a PDF copy of the statement, if I remember my most recent occurrence correctly. /u/cahainds




You know, so you can print out and formally deliver to your strict Japanese employer. /u/level202


Alaska: Easiest is to send a direct message to their Twitter account (@AlaskaAir).





Send a tweet to: @SouthwestAir

Or Go to Baggage Claim and fill out a form looking like this:

com.OptiBuy.agent and com.MyMacUpdater.agent

Noticed the following suspicious startup items on a  friend’s Mac OS X 10.10.5:




The friend had constant McAffe ads in her default browser (Google Chrome).  The computer doesn’t have any recently installed items. The startup items were removed with CCleaner, the computer was updated with the updates available in the app store and restarted. Upon computer restart, Google Chrome indicated “mac search manager” was added. The computer was then updated to the latest version of OSX (macOS Sierra) and restarted.

To update your computer to Sierra, search macOS Sierra in the app store, download, and install. This is a fairly large update so it may take several hours to download and additional time to install.

Proxmark3 #db# Error, Unknown Function

While doing a low frequency search via the command “lf search” on my Elechouse Proxmark3, I encountered the error

#db# Error, unknown function 26

It seems any message prefixed by #db# is a message coming from the proxmark3, rather than the proxmark software running on your computer. This would indicate a bug in the proxmark software!

Solving this bug was relatively simple, just update the firmware!

To do that, check out my guide on proxmark3 firmware updating.