Apartment Scam Warning

If you see an apartment listing these images and possibly this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6EPDCUVbd8 it is most certainly a scam.

IP tracing has to lead me to see this particular scammer is located in Benin, West Africa.

Here are some emails the scammer sent me while communicating about this apartment:

Hello Luke, How are you doing?

Thanks for showing interest in my sublet apartment.
Some info about me- I’m a 29 y.o travel Nurse, I have just been
transferred to start my new rotation in Louisiana for 11 months, i
recently came down here to join my colleagues for orientations,
conferences, I’m also trying to have my accomodation situation sorted
asap as well as get myself familiar with the area.

I initially had no plans of renting out my apartment, but since I have
along term lease with the building, and my contract with the landlord
permits me subleasing my apartment, instead of leaving the apartment
empty when there are a whole lot of people in need of a place to stay,
I decided to make my apartment affordable, look for someone who would
occupy and take good care of the unit while I am away, and at the same
time, getting some money for myself

The apartment is exactly like in the pictures posted on craigslist. I
made a short video of my apartment knowing I would not be around to
show you my place. If you feel comfortable with this, I would forward
you the video and also pictures to serve as guide with full details.

I’d like to know if you will be having any pets and if so would like
you to share some information about the pet,I would like to know a
little something about you, like how many persons you intend to live
in the apartment? and for how long? where are you presently,I look
forward to your email and Should you need more information, I am at
your disposal.

Best, James.

These emails were sent to me from the account of “James Dawei” [email protected]

“Landlord’s” phone number: 469-205-5670

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