Google Pixel 3 / 3XL Supported Cellular & LTE Bands

According to the FCC Fillings,
WLAN 11b/g/n HT20/VHT20
WLAN 11a/n HT20/HT40
WLAN 11ac
Bluetooth BR/EDR/LE

Serial Numbers of Google Pixel Devices: 85LY00985, 84UX008M6,84UX008LK,839X004RB,823X002LP,84VX00933

LTE Band 7
LTE Band 12 / 17
LTE Band 13
LTE Band 2 / 25
LTE Band 5 / 26
LTE Band 30
LTE Band 38 / 41
LTE Band 4 / 66
LTE Band 71
DSS : Bluetooth – An Online TinnTester

Some offline “PDF” tinnitus tests are available such as the Tinnitus Functional Index and the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory, but these tests are strictly paper documents making it difficult to use these methods to track the progression of your tinnitus over time. Studies use the difficult to obtain TinnTester Software and Micro-DSP has the hardware/cart “TinniTest : Audiologic Tinnitus Evaluation System” but this system is not available to consumers and would prove to be a burdensome device to use to test your tinnitus on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. allows you to take both the TFI and THI tests, record your test history, and view statistical averages about the Tinnitus community.

MicroDSP TTS-2000

Google Adsense ads.txt

Dear Publisher,
We’ve noticed that one or more of the sites listed in the ‘My sites’ tab in your AdSense account doesn’t have an ads.txt file.
Ads.txt helps ensure your ad space is only sold through sellers (e.g., AdSense) who you’ve identified as authorized. This gives you control over who’s allowed to sell ads on your site and prevents unauthorized sellers from potentially falsifying your domain to sell their inventory to prospective advertisers. You can learn more about ads.txt in our Help Center.
Soon advertisers who use some of our ads products to buy ad space on publisher sites will have the option to only bid on inventory from sellers that are classified as authorized through ads.txt. To ensure that prospective advertisers can continue to bid on your ad space, it’s important to create and publish an ads.txt file on all your sites.
To post an ads.txt file on your sites, here’s what you need to do:
1. Create a blank text (.txt) file
2. Include the following line:, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
(Important: Make sure you replace pub-0000000000000000 with your own publisher ID which can be found at the top of this email)
3. Save it as ads.txt and upload to the root domain for every site in your My sites list (for example, It may take up to 24 hours for AdSense to process your updated ads.txt files. Please work with your webmaster to ensure that they can be crawled by Google
If you find sites in your My sites list that you don’t own or monetize on, please do the following:
1. Turn on site authorization
2. Make sure only your owned sites are marked as verified
Site authorization ensures your ad code only works on the sites that you mark as verified, which means it’s protected from malicious or accidental use by others. When site authorization is turned on, information in your AdSense account is restricted to your verified sites, including any ads.txt issues you may have. You can learn more about how to authorize your verified sites to display ads in our Help Center.

Disable: This file is dangerous, so Chrome has blocked it.

If you are experiencing this error when trying to download a file, you will need to disable your file download protection in Chrome.

This file is dangerous, so Chrome has blocked it.

Answer To Solve: Copy this URL and disable “Protect you and your device from dangerous sites”

Protect you and your device from dangerous sites

pandoc flags help

[email protected]:~$ pandoc --help
pandoc [OPTIONS] [FILES]
  -f FORMAT, -r FORMAT  --from=FORMAT, --read=FORMAT
  -t FORMAT, -w FORMAT  --to=FORMAT, --write=FORMAT
  -o FILENAME           --output=FILENAME
  -R                    --parse-raw
  -S                    --smart
  -F PROGRAM            --filter=PROGRAM
  -p                    --preserve-tabs
  -s                    --standalone
  -M KEY[:VALUE]        --metadata=KEY[:VALUE]
  -V KEY[:VALUE]        --variable=KEY[:VALUE]
  -D FORMAT             --print-default-template=FORMAT
                        --toc, --table-of-contents
  -H FILENAME           --include-in-header=FILENAME
  -B FILENAME           --include-before-body=FILENAME
  -A FILENAME           --include-after-body=FILENAME
  -N                    --number-sections
  -i                    --incremental
  -T STRING             --title-prefix=STRING
  -c URL                --css=URL
  -m[URL]               --latexmathml[=URL], --asciimathml[=URL]
  -v                    --version
  -h                    --help

IPTV on Apple TV

IPTV links typically end M3U, M3U8, or TS. The Apple TV does not have any native support for HTTP Live Streams, but you can easily open your stream in a web-player and AirPlay your computer to stream it to your TV.

Step 1. Navigate to

Step 2: Select the 100% width view under “Player size:”

Step 3: Select the Apple TV icon in the upper right-hand of your computer screen and stream your computer to the TV!



application/ & application/x-mpegURL

application/ and application/x-mpegURL are HTTP headers assigned to m3u8 files. M3U8 files are a type of M3U file used for streaming video over HTTP. They carry the same beginning header of EXTM3U.

Example URL:

File Contents:


Example 2:



Example 3:

## Generated with version 379e9de0e8-debug


audio/mpegurl is the http header assigned for m3u files with the EXTM3U fileheader. The file contents of m3u files begins with:

Example URL:

## Created with Unified Streaming Platform(version=1.7.28)

# AUDIO groups

# variants

Another Example File Headers


To view your M3U stream online, check out this online M3U player.

How to Chromecast IPTV Links

So you have an IPTV link (typically ending in M3U, M3U8, or TS), but you have no way of viewing this link on your Chromecast! Chromecast does not have any native support for HTTP Live Streams, but you can easily open your stream in a web-player and cast the tab to stream it to your TV.

Step 1. Navigate to

Step 2: Select the 100% width view under “Player size:”

Step 3: If you don’t have the Chromecast button in your browser, find how to pin the button and then cast the tab to your chromecast!



TS, M3U, M3U8 Player / Tester

If you have an IPTV stream (typically ending in TS/M3U/M3U8), there is no need to download a player on your computer to view the stream. You can view any stream online with this online streaming tool.

This online player provides several features including lots of testing functionality (host/port check of the url) and realtime streaming metrics. This allows you to quickly see if a URL is valid or not.

The player supports HTTP Live Streaming for live streams coming from the following types:

  • TS : Video Transport Stream File
  • M3U : Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3
  • M3U8 : M3U Playlist